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ELV Legislation

Our ELV (End of Life Vehicle) licence which our company has obtained by the Environmental Agency, Waste Management and Waste Carrier licence means that we are an authorised treatment facility for the recycling of End of Life Vehicles.

Treatment Required

The following treatment operations are which required by the Environmental Waste Agency Act 1990 to ensure the vehicles are destroyed environmentally friendly and lawfully.

The following acts are:

  • Engine and transmission fluid will be drained
  • Window washer fluid will be drained
  • Power assisted steering fluid will be drained
  • Petrol and diesel will be drained from the fuel tank
  • Brake fluid will be drained from the reservoir and pipes, etc.,
  • Wheels will be removed and separated from the vehicle
  • Hazardous materials including mercury containing switches will be removed if easily identified and locatable
  • Lead acid batteries will be removed
  • Refrigerant will be removed from the air conditioning system
  • Air bags and seat belt pre-tensioners will be removed

To make sure that you are scrapping your end of life vehicle correctly there are many companies who will offer to collect your car for free but not all of them offer treatment facilities. To ensure you are scrapping your vehicle correctly ask for a waste transfer licence number, this confirms that the company is disposing of vehicles correctly. Our company offers you this assurance, our ELV licence is EAWML40301.